Girl Has a Boyfriend But Texts Me: What Should I Do?

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It’s a common scenario. You meet a girl, she seems interested, and you start texting each other. But then you find out she has a boyfriend. What should you do? Should you continue texting her, or should you back off?

Understanding the Situation

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First of all, it’s important to understand the situation. If a girl has a boyfriend, it means she’s in a committed relationship. Even if she’s texting you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s interested in you romantically. She may simply enjoy talking to you as a friend.

However, if she’s flirting with you or sending you mixed signals, it’s important to be cautious. You don’t want to be the cause of any drama or hurt feelings.

Consider Your Feelings

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Before you decide what to do, consider your own feelings. Do you have romantic feelings for this girl? Are you okay with just being friends? Be honest with yourself.

If you have strong romantic feelings for her, it may be best to back off. Pursuing a girl who is in a committed relationship is not only disrespectful to her boyfriend, but it can also lead to heartbreak for you.

Respect Her Relationship

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Regardless of your own feelings, it’s important to respect her relationship. Don’t try to come between her and her boyfriend. If she’s texting you, make sure the conversations stay appropriate and respectful.

Remember, if she’s willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you, there’s a chance she could do the same thing to you in the future.

Communicate with Her

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If you’re unsure about the situation, it’s okay to communicate with her. Ask her why she’s texting you if she has a boyfriend. Let her know how you feel and ask her to be honest with you.

However, be prepared for any answer she may give you. She may not be interested in you romantically, or she may be considering ending things with her boyfriend. Whatever the case may be, be respectful and understanding.

Give Her Space

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If you’ve decided to back off, it’s important to give her space. Don’t text her constantly or try to initiate conversations. Respect her decision and move on.

Remember, there are plenty of other girls out there who are single and interested in getting to know you.


In the end, the best thing you can do when a girl has a boyfriend but texts you is to be respectful and honest. Consider your own feelings, communicate with her, and give her space if necessary. Above all, always respect her relationship and her decisions.

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