I’m Married to a Man but Want a Woman: Understanding Sexual Fluidity

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Sexuality is a complex and ever-changing aspect of our lives. While some people tend to have a fixed sexual orientation, others find themselves experiencing attraction to different genders at different times in their lives. This phenomenon is known as sexual fluidity, and it can be a confusing and challenging experience for many individuals.

What is Sexual Fluidity?

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Sexual fluidity refers to the idea that a person’s sexual orientation can change and evolve over time. It means that someone who identifies as heterosexual at one point in their life may later find themselves attracted to someone of the same gender, or vice versa.

Sexual fluidity is not a new concept, but it has gained more attention in recent years as more people are speaking openly about their experiences with it. Researchers have found that sexual fluidity is more common in women than in men, but it can occur in anyone regardless of gender identity.

Understanding My Own Sexual Fluidity

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As someone who is married to a man but feels a strong attraction to women, I know firsthand how confusing and isolating sexual fluidity can be. For many years, I struggled to understand my own feelings and desires, fearing that they would destroy my marriage and my life as I knew it.

It wasn’t until I discovered the concept of sexual fluidity that I began to make sense of my experiences. I realized that my attraction to women wasn’t a betrayal of my marriage or my identity, but a natural part of who I am.

Exploring My Attraction to Women

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Once I accepted my sexual fluidity, I began to explore my attraction to women more openly. I talked to other people who identify as bisexual or queer, read books and articles about sexuality, and attended events and gatherings where I could meet other people like me.

It was a scary and exhilarating experience to explore this part of myself, but it was also incredibly liberating. I felt like I finally had permission to be who I truly am, without fear or shame.

Talking to My Husband About My Sexual Fluidity

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One of the biggest challenges of being sexually fluid is navigating relationships with partners who may not understand or accept your attraction to different genders. When I first started exploring my attraction to women, I was afraid to tell my husband for fear that he would be angry or hurt.

But eventually, I realized that keeping this part of myself hidden was causing more harm than good. I sat down with my husband and explained my feelings, and to my surprise, he was incredibly supportive and understanding.

What Being Sexually Fluid Means for My Marriage

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Being sexually fluid doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to leave my husband or that I am no longer attracted to him. It simply means that I am open to the possibility of exploring my attraction to women and that I am honest and open with my partner about my feelings.

My husband and I have talked about what being sexually fluid means for our marriage, and we have both agreed to support each other in exploring our own desires and attractions. We love and respect each other, and we believe that our relationship can withstand the challenges that come with sexual fluidity.

Why It’s Important to Talk About Sexual Fluidity

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Sexual fluidity is still a relatively new and misunderstood concept, and many people may not even realize that it exists. That’s why it’s so important to talk openly and honestly about our own experiences with sexual fluidity, to help others understand that they are not alone and that their feelings are valid and normal.

By sharing our stories and experiences, we can help break down the stigma and shame that often surrounds non-heterosexual identities and create a more accepting and inclusive society for everyone.


Being married to a man but wanting a woman can be a confusing and challenging experience, but it doesn’t have to be isolating or shameful. By understanding and accepting our own sexual fluidity, we can live authentic and fulfilling lives that honor all aspects of who we are.

It’s important to talk openly and honestly with our partners and loved ones about our feelings, and to seek out support and resources from the LGBTQ+ community if needed. With love, openness, and understanding, we can create a world where everyone is free to express their true selves, no matter who they love or desire.

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