How to Expose a Narcissistic Boss

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Working under a boss who has narcissistic tendencies can be a challenging experience. Narcissistic bosses are those who are self-absorbed, arrogant, and have an inflated sense of self-importance. They can be difficult to work with as they often exhibit behaviors such as bullying, micromanaging, and taking credit for the work of others. If you are dealing with a narcissistic boss, it’s important to know how to expose them to protect yourself and your career.

Understand the Signs of a Narcissistic Boss

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The first step in exposing a narcissistic boss is to understand the signs of their behavior. Narcissistic bosses are often preoccupied with themselves and their achievements. They may belittle their employees, take credit for their work, and be hypersensitive to criticism. They may also have a sense of entitlement and believe that they are above the rules.

Document Their Behavior

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It’s important to document the behavior of a narcissistic boss. Keep a detailed record of the tasks assigned to you, the feedback you receive, and any instances of bullying or micromanagement. Be sure to include dates, times, and specific details. This documentation can be used later to support your claims and protect yourself from retaliation.

Find Allies

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Having allies in the workplace can be helpful when dealing with a narcissistic boss. Find colleagues who share your concerns and who have also experienced the behavior of your boss. This can provide you with support and give you a sense of validation.

Speak Up

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If you feel comfortable, speak up to your boss about their behavior. Calmly and professionally express your concerns and provide specific examples. It’s important to remain respectful and not become defensive. Your boss may not be aware of their behavior and may be willing to make changes if they understand the impact it’s having on their employees.

Escalate the Issue

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If speaking to your boss doesn’t result in any changes, it may be necessary to escalate the issue to their supervisor or HR department. Provide them with the documentation you’ve collected and share your concerns. Be sure to remain professional and avoid making personal attacks against your boss.

Protect Yourself from Retaliation

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Exposing a narcissistic boss can come with risks. They may attempt to retaliate against you in some way. It’s important to protect yourself by documenting any instances of retaliation and reporting them to HR or a supervisor. You may also want to seek legal advice if the situation becomes severe.

Consider Leaving the Job

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If the situation becomes unbearable, it may be necessary to consider leaving the job. Your mental health and well-being are important, and it’s not worth sacrificing them for a toxic work environment. Start looking for other job opportunities and ensure that you have a solid plan in place before leaving.


Dealing with a narcissistic boss can be a challenging experience, but it’s important to protect yourself and your career. Understanding the signs of their behavior, documenting their actions, finding allies, speaking up, escalating the issue, protecting yourself from retaliation, and considering leaving the job are all steps you can take to expose a narcissistic boss. Remember to remain professional and respectful throughout the process and prioritize your mental health and well-being.

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