Toxic Daughter-in-Law Signs: How to Identify and Deal with Them


When a son gets married, it’s not just him who enters into a new relationship, but his parents too. It’s a new beginning for everyone involved, and everyone hopes for a happy and harmonious family life. However, sometimes, the daughter-in-law can be toxic, and it can be challenging to identify and deal with her behavior. In this article, we will discuss some of the signs of a toxic daughter-in-law and how to handle them.

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Signs of a Toxic Daughter-in-Law

She’s Always Negative

A toxic daughter-in-law will always find something to complain about. She will be constantly negative, and it will be difficult to find any positive aspect of her behavior. Whether it’s about her husband, her in-laws or her own family, she will always find something to criticize.

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She’s Controlling

A toxic daughter-in-law will try to control every aspect of her husband’s life. She will dictate how he should spend his time, who he should be friends with, and what he should wear. She will also try to control the relationship between her husband and his parents, and often try to isolate him from his family.

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She’s Manipulative

A toxic daughter-in-law will use manipulation to get her way. She will use guilt, emotional blackmail, and other tactics to make her husband and in-laws do what she wants. She will often play the victim and make others feel sorry for her, even if she’s the one causing the problem.

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She’s Disrespectful

A toxic daughter-in-law will show disrespect to her husband and in-laws. She will ignore their opinions and beliefs, and often belittle them in public or private. She may also show contempt for their values and traditions, and refuse to participate in family events or celebrations.

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She’s Jealous

A toxic daughter-in-law will often be jealous of her husband’s relationship with his parents. She may feel threatened by their closeness and try to create distance between them. She may also be jealous of her husband’s siblings or other family members and try to compete with them for attention.

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How to Deal with a Toxic Daughter-in-Law

Don’t Take it Personally

Remember that your daughter-in-law’s behavior is not a reflection of you or your family. It’s important not to take her behavior personally, as this will only make things worse. Try to remain calm and avoid getting into arguments or confrontations.

Set Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries with a toxic daughter-in-law. Let her know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Be firm but respectful, and make it clear that you will not tolerate any disrespect or manipulation.

Focus on the Positive

Try to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship with your son and his wife. There may be things you can do together that you both enjoy, such as cooking, gardening or traveling. Find common ground and try to build on it.

Seek Professional Help

If the situation becomes too difficult to handle, it may be necessary to seek professional help. A family therapist or counselor can help you and your daughter-in-law work through your differences and find a way to build a healthy relationship.


Dealing with a toxic daughter-in-law can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that it’s not impossible. By identifying the signs of toxic behavior and taking steps to address it, you can improve your relationship with your daughter-in-law and create a more harmonious family life. Remember to stay calm, set boundaries, focus on the positive and seek professional help if necessary.

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